Liliya Rakitina
Chair of Board of Directors of Bristol Group of Companies
Vice-President of the Russian Union of Builders
Board Member of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Honorable Вuilder of Russia

     Among the most important tasks of a democratic state today is to provide favorable and comfortable life conditions. The project, the construction and the energetics are the three Bristol Group of Companies’s business lines contributing to social prosperity due to improvement of the national industry and infrastructure.

     Bristol Group of Companies's strategic goals for today are to develop civilized construction market in Russia, to promote the economic development of the Russian regions and to enhance the national energy potential together with a better energy security of the economy. It means that we properly implement construction projects and actively participate in the legislative and rule-making activities, preparation and implementation of the strategies for the construction sector, search for new ways for the Russian power industry.

     The power industry is a most important sector for us. We sincerely believe that any customer will soon be able to produce electricity and heat independently and, therefore, have a potential and a real alternative to the centralized energy supply. We actively use cutting-edge technological solutions that enable us to offer the optimal variant for each specific construction project.

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Выступление А. Шохина
М. Ходоровский; М. Фридман; И. Сечин; Л. Ракитина
Л. Ракитина, А. Мордашов, В. Небензя, А. Шохин, А. Бугров, А. Сапелин
Виктор Вексельберг, Давид Якобашвили, Лилия Ракитина
Лилия Ракитина, Михаил Мень, Елена Николаева, Марат Хуснуллин
И. Грачев, И. Халиков, Л. Ракитина
 В. Вексельберг, А. Силуанов, С. Генералов,  Д. Мантуров, А. Белоусов, А. Улюкаев, И. Зюзин, А. Мишарин, А. Карачинский, Л. Ракитина, А. Костин
Л. Ракитина, С. Левкин, Э.Дадов, В. Черепов.
Андрей Костин; Игорь Шувалов; Олег Прексин; Шон Глодек; Маркус Валленберг; Лилия Ракитина; Анхель Гурриа
В. Яковлев, И. Слюняев, Л. Ракитина
А. Гордеев, Л. Ракитина
И. Слюняев, Л. Ракитина
Л. Ракитина, В. Яковлев, А. Гордеев
В. Яковлев, Л. Ракитина, С. Дереповский, А. Шамузафаров, М. Николаев
Л. Ракитина, А. Шохин
Л. Ракитина, В. Яковлев
Л. Ракитина, Г. Воронин

Why do customers choose us?

  • 14-year experience in the construction and energy market
  • Integrated approach
  • Innovative solutions
  • High-quality equipment
  • Flexible financing schedule
  • Own production
  • Certified service center
  • Wide geographical scope of the accomplished projects
  • Qualified staff

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